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Meet the field team!

This survey wouldn’t be able to happen without our amazing field team. So, for this blog post we would like to tell you a bit about us all…

Chris Cleguer | Survey leader | Chris is a senior research officer for TropWATER-JCU and technical advisor to the United Nation’s Dugong MoU Secretariat on global dugong and seagrass research and conservation issues. Chris has over a decade of experience in managing and coordinating observer surveys of dugongs in Australia and overseas as well as extensive experience in conducting aerial imagery surveys using drones.

Kym Reeve | Aerial survey expert | Kym has over 10 years’ experience leading and participating in aerial marine mammal surveys around Australia. She has also been involved in multiple research projects from Blue Whale acoustic tracking in the Antarctic to coordinating marine science projects in Mozambique.

Joe Perkins | Aerial Observer | Joe is an aerial survey observer. He is currently undertaking his PhD at JCU, primarily focusing on developing and implementing molecular methods (eDNA) to investigate ciguatoxins produced by algae along the Queensland coast. This research has led to sampling in areas commonly associated with dugongs, leading to a linked interest to be involved in this aerial survey.

Chloe Edwards | Aerial observer | Chloe recently completed her honours this year looking at the social structure of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins at the Northwest Cape, Western Australia. Since then, she has continued to work as a research assistant and volunteer on different marine mammal research projects.

Anna Christie | Aerial Observer | Anna has worked in the marine science space for 3 years, where she has specialised in a range of different projects. In 2020, Anna completed her honours project where she obtained body morphometrics of Snubfin and Humpback dolphins using drones. Since then, she has continued working as a research assistant on various coral restoration, whale, and dolphin research projects.

Ally Genson | Research Assistant | Ally has worked within government organisations in the US over the past 10 years specialising in natural resource and wildlife management. She has advanced skills in GIS and has experience with sea turtle and sea grass monitoring and management. This experience and skillset are crucial in the data management and processing of this aerial dugong survey.

Mike Swaine | Photogrammetrist/Camera Engineer | Mike is the founder of Aeroglobe. He has worked as a photogrammetrist for twenty years, customising airborne sensors around project specific requirements and specialising in SfM photogrammetry. This is his tenth marine mammal aerial survey.

Last but not least we would like to acknowledge our highly experienced Mitch McGuire and Adrian Gould from Liddle’s Air services, keeping us safe in the sky!

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