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Engaging with Traditional owners across Queensland

An important part of our dugong survey project is to engage with Traditional Owner groups across the Queensland coast to (a) share and seek approval of our scientific approach to monitor dugong populations, (b) discuss survey results and implications for sea country management, and (c) involvement of Indigenous communities in imagery survey techniques to monitor dugongs.

Before the survey started we reached out to all Traditional Owner groups, from Cape York to Moreton Bay to discuss the design, methodology and timing of our surveys.

As we are flying across the urban coast of the GBR this year, we are trying to organise face to face meetings with Traditional Owners and local rangers in the places where we land.

For example, a few days ago in Mackay, we met with traditional owners and RNTBC director Irene Adams from Yuwi Aboriginal Corporation and spent time chatting about the cultural importance of dugongs, research and management.

These meetings aim to strengthen the partnerships between the Traditional Owners and scientists by incorporating the Traditional Owners knowledge in the research and to engage the Indigenous communities to enhance the management and monitoring of dugongs across the Queensland coast.

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